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We’re faced by the ongoing challenge of simply being one person. Even though ‘one person’ has changed the face of humanity – Gandhi, Noah Levine, Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Bob Dylan – how can we do it without witnessing the fall of thousands of helpless bodies, without withdrawing into a dark isolation to find our own salvation, without completely denoting all forms of demo-crazy, without having to lead an armed insurrection or guerrilla warfare, without submitting our mental revolution onto a backpack and leaving it all behind?  We are Ms DiFranco’s gazillion of indie spunk, we are Rosa Park’s singular declaration of individual might and stubborn nobility, we are Paul Simon’s improvished and poor dance down Bleecker Street, we are John Paul George Ringo incendiary blues act before the immortal fame and glory, we are Ray Charles dark isolation before people saw this soulman’s grit and integrity. Our minds have become Jack Kerouac’s subversive romantic hitchhiking between the cracks of a battered Chevy for a persistent resolve. The same thoughts nourish our minds, the same insecurities keep us up at night, it’s the same confusion, persuasion, passion that drive us to make the world a better place to live.

This is our vision – it’s not a plan, a step, or even a goal. It’s our simple drive to make a positive contribution to a world outside of our own. We are all individuals with wandering minds.  We do not want to commit to one cause because we don’t believe in attacking the world with a single minded focus – there is simply too much going on for that. We wake up with a new thought, a new effort, a new idea, a new us. Let’s Rock N Roll!


Two Kids

I thought this picture was cute. So I put it up. So there!